Behind Glass 

UA August 2017 -
Center for World Music, Hildesheim

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In this durational performance, the musicians allow themselves time to reflect on two questions with the visitors: How can the musical instrument collection of an ethnography department be placed in a contemporary artistic context and thus be revived? Must a string quartet today really be comprised of four musicians? Why not put the rule to the test yourself? Open the display window carefully and take out an instrument. Play it on your own, with like-minded people or take up the free spot in Quartett PLUS 1. Whether you play with the string musicians or think about the need, psychology and philosophy of playing in a quartet is your decision. Become the fourth voice in the string quartet, with a shruti box, a jingle bell or a quijada, and listen - is this a utopia of sounds of an equal, connected world?

An installation for audience and field recordings with a live string trio and instruments from all corners of the world.

With: Quartett PLUS 1 (Kathrina Hülsmann - viola, Katharina Pfänder - violin, Lisa Stepf – cello), Eike Ernst (frame drum)
Idea, concept, development: Verena Ries and Quartett PLUS 1
Director: Verena Ries
Interactive exhibition animation: Georg Werner
Video and lighting: Jörg Finger
Composer: Stefan Wurz
Costume design: Ann-Kathrin Blohmer
Graphic design:
Speaker: Yoshii Riesen
Consultant: Anne-Sophie Malessa

A Quartett PLUS 1 / Das ist erst der Anfang e.V. production
In cooperation with the Center for World Music
With the support of the Stiftung Niedersachsen and the Nord LB Kulturstiftung, Friedrich-Weinhagen-Stiftung and Landschaftsverband Hildesheim.