Give hildesheim your name 2 

a service for hildehseim | Performance März 2003 |
Römer und Pelizeus Museum Hildesheim

“...Today you have the unique chance to get archived in the “Römer und Pelizeus Museum”. We offer you the service to become part of the city’s memory. Are you interested ?...“
This is the beginning of an interaction between two performers and the visitors of a gala–event on Novemer, 28th, 2003 in the museum. There are twelve limited spaces in a show case, which the visitors can make their own just by biting into a peace of plasticine and giving their personal data. The performance is structured like a promotion for Hildesheim. The conventional idea of the museum to collect and exhibit bones and stones is supplemented by the presentation of twelve citizens. Without citizens a city doesn’t exist. Even if you say, referring to Michel de Certeau, that it happens on the streets every day–us leaving a mark in the city’s memory just by walking by–these marks are invisible. The service GIVE HILDESHEIM YOUR NAME 2 will visualize that there are people out there who work, live and love in this city every day and twelve of them will represent the city as an reminder of itself.

Konzept: Verena Ries
Performance: Katinka Wondrak, Verena Ries