The wounded warriors 

live at Krankenlager - a theatrical installation
2004 |
Co-production Theater Howei / Universität Hildesheim

What if we were to take a look at the wounded warriors, those not mentioned in the Greek epic “The Odyssey” or those who can no longer fight? Let’s build a sanctuary and invite the audience to share the warriors’ time, space, memories and boredom. Because sometimes it seems as if the struggle against boredom is harder than the struggle for survival. And as if the hardest punishment on the perimeter of the Trojan battlefield was the emptiness, the lack of events, of work, of fighting. Ten wounded, but not less glamourous, Greeks give an insider view of war, while looking at a place where stories that have been experienced can be told or - for lack of actual happenings - invented. Take a seat next to a bed and listen. “Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles, / doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses/” (Homer, the Iliad)

Director: Thorsten Bihegue, Verena Ries
With: Elisabeth Flämig, Michael Grunewald, Andrea Hüper, Heinz-Helmut Lieken, Corinne Mayer, Boris von Rimscha, Kathrin Zeller, Börgel Westerling, Jens Wien, Nadja Blickle, Olaf Zahn

THEATER HOWEI is a theatre group comprised of mentally-disabled people that is funded by the Volkshochschule Hildesheim and the Lebenshilfe e.V. Hildesheim. Verena Ries and Thorsten Bihegue were artistic directors from 1999 to 2004. Their goal was always to involve able-bodied performers in their productions.