My first girlfriend was called Heini 

A project about love and sexuality with disabled and able-bodied performers
2011 Junges Schauspiel Hannover, Ballhof Zwei

In the darkness of the night, the world reveals itself from a different angle: Love and sexuality break into the lives of people, creating disorder, pushing back borders and thus putting certain moral concepts into question. In this disordered world, the contours of actors are blurred and people with and without disabilities find an equal place. What is taboo during the day can suddenly be expressed. What once seemed incompatible suddenly comes closer. A mixed ensemble of disabled and able-bodied performers explores love and sexuality and the right to them.

Directors: Isabel Dorn, Verena Ries
Set construction: Anne Wendtland
Dramaturgy: Vivica Bocks
With: Elena Banabi, Sicco Bremer, Diana Feifs, Maya Groysman, Lena Höhle, Maira Lüddecke, Jaklin, Mirko Jovicic, Stanislava Mikhailova, Robin Schulze, Anna von Schultzendorff, Katharina Stemwedel